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esper yorion standard

esper yorion standard

Share. Updated November 12, 2020. (*) Prices based in average price in TCGPLAYER.COM store. UW Yorion UW Yorion Standard decklist Buy this deck from Card Kingdom Export this deck to Arena via MTGGoldfish. I think going up to 4 of it is an extremely smart move since it’s incidentally insanely good right now. Unlike Omen of the Sea though, you will board these out in some matchups unlike Omen of the Sea which never leaves the maindeck. Esper Yorion Esper Yorion Esper Yorion: Antonio Tornero: 220 tix $ 296 1 7 Bant Yorion Bant Yorion Bant Yorion: Simone De Vivo: 381 tix $ 503 1 7 4-Color Yorion 4-Color Yorion 4-Color Yorion: Stefano Stissi: 480 tix $ 632 0 8 Esper Yorion Esper Yorion Esper Yorion: Matteo Mariotti: 147 tix $ 219 0 8 This does everything from stall aggressive decks to taking out important permanents from slow decks. Duress has been a staple forever so there’s no surprise here. Yorion doesn’t work the best with Doom Foretold, but the odds that Doom Foretold completely depletes you of your board is relatively small, thus making Yorion a really strong choice anyway. As you can likely tell, this list is based off Matt’s list which seemed well built against what you’d expect in Bo1, especially with small innovations like fewer taplands. You can expect significantly more creature decks in Bo1, so this list is reflective of that. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. Edit. Blessing is too risky to play against Gruul, and since this deck is more or less designed to be already good against Gruul, only minimal boarding is needed. Browse > Home / Decks / Standard / Azorius Control (Yorion) Azorius Control (Yorion) by obanov Report Deck Name Fix Archetype $ 243.55. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. These matchups can be very challenging, but they’re certainly not unwinnable. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. I would go – 2 Heartless Act and Eliminate, add 2 Cling, the extinction event, and one Archon. With a good draw, they can easily diversify a lot of their threats so it’ll be difficult to keep up at times. Have a great day! Esper Yorion Control by Borys Karpinskyy – Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier Germany Standard June 6, 2020 BO1 Esper Yorion Control by CovertGoBlue – #69 Mythic – May 2020 Season Added 6 days ago. Standard Decks metagame Decks & Meta; Standard Tournaments Events; Standard Decklists; Standard Most Played Cards; Top Standard Esper Yorion Decks. However, last weekend completely flipped the script for me. (It’s up to you, i like keeping heartless act to deal with Rankle), 5 Cards That Might Need a Ban in Standard, Dimir Yorion Updated Standard Deck Guide – Welcome to Standard’s Newest Tier 1 Deck – December 2020. If you're looking for a standard build, go for the ones with a lower one. Esper Control (Yorion Time!) The new breakout deck from last week and easily one of your hardest matchups. That list is cleaner than a freshly mopped floor. Any sideboard thoughts against Rakdos Midrange? If you think you need a second Cling you can side out 1 Treacherous Blessing/ Eliminate. That’s all I have for today! I've been playing using a Yorion Esper Doom Foretold deck and I can't seem to beat Temur Ramp. When I first saw Esper Yorion, I thought the deck was solid but nothing terribly special. By Droppin' Baums, and Corey Baumeister. Facebook 0 Tweet 0. It’s been a long time since Banishing Light has seemed playable in Standard, but I don’t hate the 1 as an all purpose answer here. The average cost for the pre-Ikoria decks was $381.96. If you want to find "singular" or "roguish" decks, take a look at the ones with high singularity. Beyond the potential swapping of the Golden Egg for the Glass Casket, I really like this list for Bo3 ladder play. With Yorion, you can always guarantee you have gas in the tank and it works extremely well with all of your random ETB permanents. Bant Yorion was the most expensive at $586.37 and UW Control was the least expensive at $308.20. Manse Esper Control Standard Deck Guida. Standard BO1 Traditional Standard Standard Events Historic BO1 Traditional Historic Historic Events Brawl Pioneer Modern Legacy Vintage Commander. Standard BO1 Traditional Standard Standard Events Historic BO1 Traditional Historic Historic Events Brawl Pioneer Modern Legacy Vintage Commander. Robert "DoggertQBones" Lee is a streamer and high ranked Arena player. Standard - Esper Yorion 69% Win Rate: 30 Wins - 13 Losses. 3 Yorion, Sky Nomad: A lesson that players have learned this season that seemed unknown previously is that you’re allowed to play Companions in your main! 3 Extinction Event: Esper definitely wants board wipes and it’s really between this or Shatter the Sky. Why wouldn’t you play it? decks tournaments metagame users sign up try the mtgo importer. TCGPlayer 313.31 - 320.59 . Good with Yorion and Doom Foretold. A lot of decks are running small creatures, non-creatures, and care about their graveyard, so when you can have a 3 mana card interact on all of those axes, it feels like a tremendous blowout. He has one GP Top 8, has 3-0d 3 professional draft pods, and loves writing and teaching! Although Extinction Event won’t always hit everything guaranteed, it’s way easier to cast and exiling creatures can be relevant versus a lot of strategies. MTG. Continuiamo a provare deck già buoni che possono migliorare molto con il piccolo aiuto dei companion di IKORIA. Esper Control, much like in older formats, is a deck that wins a lot of its game 1s when its opponents are drawing dead cards. ... (Yorion) Esper Control (Yorion) Esper Control (Yorion) Angelo Pancini: 201 tix $ 192 - 24th Azorius Control Azorius Control Azorius Control: When I first saw Esper Yorion, I thought the deck was solid but nothing terribly special. 4 Emeria’s Call: I talk about this card a lot, but it’s a land or a Broodmate Dragon. The 2/2 split is very smart. Be mindful of what you’re exiling as you don’t want to get rid of your Dance of the Manse fodder. 2 Shark Typhoon: More stock for the slower matchups. If you like my content and want to see more of it, you can check me out on Twitch! Playtest v1. Droppin’ Baums: Esper Doom Foretold (Yorion) In Standard. Selesnya Yorion and Mono-Red Aggro made the finals with Selesnya Yorion winning the match 2-1. Elspeth’s Nightmare is amazing against them as is most of your removal. stats for deck esper doom (yorion) - standard. 2 Cling to Dust: Not an exciting card, but a necessary one. 2 Archon of Sun’s Grace: A big lifelinking threat who makes smaller lifelinking threats. (Esper Yorion is also known as Esper Yorion, Esper Blink or Esper DOOM Yorion). Take out your removal and put in your high impact cards like Mystical Dispute and Duress. Seems like a significant portion of the meta. Be careful on picking the spots you cast this. It just looks so polished that changing anything in it would be a disservice to the work Mengucci clearly put in to get it to this point. However, after this past weekend, it seems Yorion is much more manageable than we thought. Go back to the complete MTG Standard decks. The most notable change compared to the stock Esper Doom lists is the absence of Skyclave Apparition. Standard Esper Doom Foretold by Dan Troha. Before we keep going, I haven’t forgotten about my Bo1 friends. 3 Omen of the Sun: Slightly better Raise the Alarm on a stick. Cardmarket €177. Sure! 234.24 tix 6 Mythic, 39 Rare, 16 Uncommon, 2 Common. Share Tweet Copy URL. Corey Baumeister pilots Esper Doom Foretold (Yorion) against Ross Merriam’s gauntlet of challengers in Zendikar Rising Standard. esper doom (yorion) standard; 180.27$ 7.51% Metashare; 52.35% [50.6% - 54.1%] Global Performance; 12 Oct 2020 - … ... My only loss was to another Esper Yorion deck as since we play so many removals, I ended up drawing a lot game one but we lost the match in game 3. October 21, 2020 November 13, 2020. Corey Baumeister pilots Esper Doom Foretold (Yorion) on Magic: The Gathering Arena. I was happy for Matt and impressed, but I still wasn’t sold. Potentially, I think the Golden Egg and Glass Casket numbers could’ve been switched, but I’ll opt to trust Mengucci here. I would say that their list was much more ready for an open metagame, which makes sense as Gruul’s popularity was definitely waning a bit within that two week timespan between Matt winning and Tristan winning. Companion: Yorion, Sky Nomad: I tried a 60 card Esper Doom Foretold variant multiple times this season, and the deck simply didn’t work. Currently doing updates, some information might not be entirely accurate. 4 Omen of the Sea: Flash Preordain on a stick, nothing surprising here. If slower decks gain more stock in Bo1 (which seems unlikely), you can slowly transition back into more of what the Bo3 lists look like. MTGO Standard Challenge 2020/Oct/11 #3 Esper DOOM Yorion - bcs8995 (Esper Yorion is also known as Esper Yorion, Esper Blink or Esper Blink (Yorion)). If you can keep their board relatively clear and stop them from resolving Into the Story, this matchup is more than winnable. CoolStuffInc 12,595 views. Everything that I said about Yorion above applies here! Archon is great against decks looking to pressure you extremely quickly or against decks that can’t easily answer it. MTG Magic: The Gathering, all the newest videos, arena, decks, combos, tips, tricks, hints, news, pre-releases and basically everything about the game, updated daily, just for you. 7 44 0 29. Esper Yorion; Selesnya Yorion; Mono-Red Aggro; These six decks had zero entries in the 2020 Grand Finals. 4 Skyclave Apparition: One of the best white cards in Standard and a powerhouse with Yorion. You really need to find a way to win quickly or establish a lock on them with Doom Foretold to beat this matchup. Card Kingdom 248.03 - 248.83 . Two members of my competitive Discord, Tristan and saanctum, created a list that got both of them into Day 2 of the MCQW and Tristan to the qualification! UW Yorion was the first creature-based Yorion deck to emerge. Esper Control (Yorion) Yorion, Sky Nomad — By Rashid Davis Owl Central … 4 Elspeth’s Nightmare: I’ve mentioned it before, but I LOVE Elspeth’s Nightmare. I’ve seen functionally no Rakdos so I didn’t think it was a large enough portion but the boarding is super light. You don’t even need Archon necessarily but you have a lot of removal already and having an additional threat could be nice, I would go – 1 Omen of Sun and – 1 E.CD, add 1 Cling and Extinction event. [card]Yorion, Sky Nomad[/card] è senza dubbio una carta da non sottovalutare. First, the amazing MythicMatt got 7 wins in the Day 2 of the Arena Open with his iteration of Esper Dance. 2 Heartless Act: Doom Blade most of the time except against pesky counter creatures. Heliod’s Intervention can be good if they play Solemn Simulacrum and Mazemind Tome, but if they’re a version that doesn’t, bring in Archon of Sun’s Grace or even Cling to Dust just to cycle a card. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. A high singularity means that the deck is running cards that are less common in that archetype. Upvote 0. Just a good old fashioned Control mirror. 1 Extinction Event: To fill out the playset in the main deck, good against creatures! Esper Hero Yorion Standard WUB (Esper) tsunderrated. 8 37 2 33. 2 Eliminate: Eliminate is generally worse than Heartless Act, but can give you more outs against small creatures that accrue +1/+1 counters (Scavenging Ooze, Luminarch Aspirant) which is fine but I’m assuming that’s not why he’s playing Eliminate. Dopo il Grixis Invention anche Esper ha un suo archetipo capace di sparecchiare la tavola e chiudere in pochissimi turni subito dopo. Unlike Esper Dance, it plays more to the board with cards like Barrin, Tolarian Archmage, Alirios, Enraptured, and Skyclave Apparition. MTG Arena Zone © 2020. Channel LSV - Standard Esper Control (Match 1, Game 1). If I had to guess, Mengu was afraid of Crawling Barrens, a card that Esper traditionally has an extremely hard time answering. Like I said, this deck is CLEAN. Decklist, stats and export for MTG Arena. The average cost for Standard Yorion decks was $421.08. This list was a by-product of Gruul being the biggest new thing then and it clearly shows.

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