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used upright piano

used upright piano

https://www.ebay.com/b/Steinway-Sons-Upright-Pianos/43377/bn_7512472 With grands, this can be increased by about 3cm by using glass castor cups; the angle of the pedals may then need adapting as these are raised up too. Vogel 177 Grand Piano; Young Chang Pianos. I had a tight budget but wanted to know that what I have purchased is good quality and will last. Where did our last 100 acoustic pianos go. The important word here is average. Most reputable piano dealers offer month-to-month rental programs. Arizona Piano is the Largest Freestanding Piano Gallery Store in the Southwest. Marcus’ workshop is full of pianos being restored from impressive grands to fantastic uprights. If you are interested in purchasing or selling a make not listed, please e-mail with details. Used Yamaha Pianos Sherwood Phoenix is the UK’s largest piano shop, with over 200 pianos for sale in our UK Nottingham showroom. Japanese piano brands like Yamaha and Kawai are the most sought after so we endeavour to always have a huge range of these. Show details. We have over 20,000 square feet of showroom and warehouse space full of new and pre-owned pianos. 8. Our offerings include second hand Yamaha, Kawai, and other brands. Astor 1804 antique piano, fortepiano, square piano, Black Baldwin Upright Acoustic Piano w Dehumidifier & Bench, Kawai UST-8C Studio Piano - by Freeburg Pianos, Perzina Model 130 Konzert Upright - by Freeburg Pianos, Queen Anne Steinberg RH-119 Walnut - by Freeburg Pianos, 1908 Vintage Cable-Nelson Upright Piano for Sale, Baldwin Upright Piano Excellent Like New Condition. Post 1989 Knight pianos changed their original manufacturing design and as a result are inferior in tone. Other less common good makes include Blüthner (pre 1900 ones very common but are usually over-dampers), Steinway, Förster (old ones good), Bösendorfer (excellent but rare), Feurich, Gors & Kallman (varied), Grotrian Steinweg (excellent), Ibach (pre 1910 ones common but over-dampers), Schimmell, Sauter, Seiler and Zimmermann (not recommended until 1995 when merged with Bechstein). Blaine and Josh did a first class job delivering and safely installing the piano under somewhat challenging conditions. Just a short message to say we are very happy with the Knight piano that was delivered on Friday. Most serious musicians require them. Throughout the process Marcus and his team were professional, knowledgable and flexible. Now you can save huge between 50% to 75% of your investment on a brand new piano, regardless if you are buying an upright or a grand piano. The purpose of this article is to comment on and clarify the information in Piano Buyer on determining the value of a used piano. A better grade of materials used – Japan spec models are made of quality built-up materials, compared to some new entry level uprights and grand pianos. Ad posted 19 hours ago Save this ad 8 images; However, if you get the wrong piano for you, it can mean years of frustration and dissatisfaction. Pianos of all types, from the most basic starter piano to the highest-quality performance and hand-made art case pianos are regular features of our collection. Your company has the real warmth of the family concern that it is, where everyone is highly knowledgeable about, and devoted to, beautiful pianos.” Alison and Daryl Truefitt, London “We purchased a Broadwood barless grand from Roberts Pianos and we asked them to carry out further restoration work on the piano. Older uprights usually have them, but modern ones and grands usually don’t. Leg room on pianos varies in height from 58 -70cm (Measure your leg from floor to top of knee!). have been refurbished to look, sound & perform as close to new condition possible. I will always remember how he cycled from another shop just to serve us! It is worth visiting just to see how the world of pianos works! While many people believe that upright pianos are naturally inferior to grand pianos, the truth is that the sound produced by any piano—grand or upright—is a result of the quality of materials, design of the instrument, and capability of the piano maker. After visiting several reputable shops in London that seemed too commercial and impersonal – I made my way to Roberts Piano. They have met our (high) expectations and been responsive to our needs. Plesae see our Common makes page for more details. It gives you a very high level of versatility and it is also ideal for those who want to play different styles of music without compromise. used upright pianos at Seattle Piano Company. I traded a Bosendorfer Baby Grand Piano, which I no longer had use for, for a beautiful Feurich upright at Marcus Roberts branch in Oxford. We have a huge selection of second hand pianos that you can choose from at an affordable price. Show details. A very nice high grade professional Kawai BS-2A Piano in great condition. I would thoroughly recommend Roberts Pianos. Sherwood Phoenix is the UK’s largest upright piano shop, with over 200 pianos for sale in our UK Nottingham showroom. Secondly, the service was very good. If it wasn’t for the guys at Roberts I wouldn’t have been able to make this a reality. Yamaha Walnut U1 $ 5,500.00 Read more. Yamaha M2E Console Upright Piano $ 2,395.00 Read more. 503 … We are sure it will provide many years of pleasure and will be ideal for our son to learn on. I highly recommend Roberts Pianos to all who appreciate good ‘old-fashioned’ service where the needs of the customer come first. Marcus was happy to spend time keeping us up-to-date and showing us the work in progress when we visited. Show details. I would recommend Roberts Pianos to anyone looking for a high level of personal service when buying a piano. We provide the seller and the buyer with as much assistance as needed with their transaction helping both parties to have a better piano experience. Model V (5) and IV also very common and often have an attractive inlay, but models I to V suffer a lot from loose tuning pins and will therefore need repining and often a new pin-block. We provide a range of piano types including upright, grand, and digital. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants a good quality piano with a range of prices to suit most pockets. the black keys and the white keys. Yamaha C-3 Used Grand Piano; Yamaha U-1 Pre-Owned Upright Piano; Yamaha U-1 Pre Owned Upright Piano; Vogel Pianos. (The Piano Buyer article has since been revised to include these comments.) WE ARE STILL SELLING REMOTELY, PLEASE EMAIL US INFO@ROBERTSPIANOS.COM OR PHONE DAVID ON 07786550628. Uprights are widely used as rehearsal and practice instruments in churches, community centers, schools and universities. This section lists the average resale prices for used pianos. Welmars are a good quality upright with a rich mellow tone and fine touch. Model 7’s are excellent but rare. Will need tuning but overall, it's in good condition. Modern Bechsteins, Steinways, etc are not listed above because they rarely appear on the second-hand market. Show details. Here is a common example. Grands and small modern uprights are usually about 62cm from the floor to the under side of the keyboard. It is admired by all our guests, especially the birds eye maple inlay, and the matt black keys are very pleasant to those of us who suffer from sweaty hands under pressure! Our “common makes” pages have a list of all the common makes available and a rating of each make. I suspect it was bulletproof. If you haven’t got room for a grand piano, then there are certain good makes of upright piano which stand head and shoulders above the rest. Based in Columbus, Ohio our company stocks over 300 new and used pianos for sale including restored Steinway pianos and German pianos such as Bechstein and Bosendorfer. I recently purchased a fine Bechstein Model C semi-concert grand from Roberts Pianos. Usually, they find a “great deal” on an old upright that someone is willing to give them for free if they pick it up. Portland Piano Company also offers special pricing for students of any age currently enrolled in piano … Bechstein 8′s are normally found in black, rosewood or mahogany and have a rich tone but the action can be difficult to set up. Firstly, we are very happy with the piano itself. Each Australian Piano Warehouse displays between 70-140 quality second hand (used) upright and grand pianos. T here is a broad variety in Bechstein upright pianos, so it’s hard to generalise on prices. Here at Music Junction, we make sure you find some of the best used piano in Malaysia today. We have a massive variation of used Yamaha pianos for sale. As a result: my son now owns a Feurich piano that will stay within the family for years to come. Young Chang U131 Upright; Young Chang Baby Grand Piano; News. Knight pianos are normally found in mahogany, sometimes walnut or teak. Although good and bad pianos have been made in every decade, and every used piano must be evaluated on its own merits, certain decades or categories of piano frequently found in today’s used-piano … W. Hoffman By C. Bechstein 1997 49″ Upright Piano . Find the great deal on Stilwell Pianos for used upright pianos in Arizona. Piano Adoption is a free site where you can find a home for your unused piano. Piano Lessons. About Us Graves Piano & Organ is one of the world's largest piano, keyboard, and organ stores. They are excellent when restored with a very rich warm tone and powerful bass. In my opinion this is as much as anyone would need to spend for a used upright piano. The strings are mounted vertically, as opposed to the grand. The most common brands are Yamaha Upright Pianos (like Yamaha U1 - U2- U3) and Steinway & Sons but that doesn't mean you won't find a good piano in a Bechstein, Bosendorfer, Kawai etc - to name but a few. Upright Pianos. I went to the Oxford workshop and spent two hours asking all sorts of questions as this is the first piano I have ever purchased! For most people investing in an upright piano is an onetime event, simply because getting a good piano will last you a lifetime. Other common good makes of English and European pianos include Chappell, Fazer, Hopkinson, Kemble (varied), Rippen, Rogers and Broadwood (varied). (A Yamaha U3 upright has leg room of 62cm whereas a German Steingraeber 118 and many Kawai and Feurich uprights have 70cm and an older Blüthner 65cm. It is lovely to play and looks great in our living room. Our team of veteran piano tuners and technicians have restored these pianos to their former glory. Restored, these pianos sell for around £2000 to £5,000 (2017). I am over the moon with the instrument. It is just about a year since we bought our Wendle and Lung 178 grand piano and we can say that every aspect of service from Roberts has been very good. Get Affordable Used Piano Price With The Largest Selection in Malaysia. Their undying patience and willingness to help just went above and beyond what you’d expect. Garry L. Harwood, West Penwith, Cornwall. Your patience and support and help for us in making the purchase has been excellent and delightful… including giving over almost a whole day to us, running us around Oxford to view pianos, taking us to visit your very impressive workshops, where everyone had the quiet, confident friendliness of true craftsmen and, not least, suggesting a very good local Italian restaurant where we had lunch. The tables below shows the best common uprights available in the UK, placed in order of their quality. The last important issue for an upright piano seeker, is the examination of the condition of the piano keyboard, i.e. PianoMart’s online inventory of upright pianos promises something for everyone, whether you’re a professional musician who wants grand piano sound without the footprint or a starter spinet for a new piano student. The piano is a great instrument. Buying an upright piano unlike other things needs you to be knowledgeable of the features you want in an upright piano. As a piano teacher, I'll definitely recommend her… A small modern Zender has only 58.5cm!). Fair Market Value. We received useful advice in the show room, the piano was delivered very quickly, in time for Christmas, and the delivery men who came on a day pouring with rain, were efficient and kept the place very tidy. Upright pianos, also called vertical pianos, have upright rectangular bodies and strings that run vertically. Every piano comes with a Matching Benchand 1 Free In-Home Tuning.Additionally, we back each and every piano that we sell with a 5-Year Parts & Labor Warranty, and our 100% Lifetime Trade-Up Program.

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