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subject to viewing clause

subject to viewing clause

We may share your data with other partner companies in for the purpose of supplying products or services you have requested. ... Another type of construction that some schools of syntax and grammar view as non-finite clauses is the so-called small clause. You can also use a different index if appropriate. Good luck Mike, 10:09 AM, 29th November 2016 About 4 years ago. Is the landlord even aware? While you can customize your clauses for special requests, the below are typically the most common subject clauses in a contract: Subject to financing: Obtaining satisfactory financing at a satisfactory rate. All Rights Reserved. This is because it is someone or something that is capable of … We only keep your personal data for as long as We need to in order to use it as described above in section 6, and/or for as long as We have your permission to keep it. Read the following examples: They are laughing at a joker. Note. I saw him in the street. Why do commercial professionals put this in their listings? NOTE: This time clause may be adapted to fit other similar circumstances where the subject to clause is really an option. 9:11 AM, 29th November 2016 About 4 years ago, Hi, What is "Offers - Subject to viewing". This means that the Owner is not prepared to show the property to the prospective Buyer until such time as the Owner has reached agreement with the Buyer on the terms of the transaction as evidenced by a … You are deemed to accept and agree to this by using our site and submitting information to Us. Many owners are very protective of their tenants and do not want the tenants disturbed any more than is necessary during the sale process. Where any of your data is required for such a purpose, We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your data will be handled safely, securely, and in accordance with your rights, Our obligations, and the obligations of the third party under the law. Specializing in investment property since 1975. Clauses have two major types, click to read: 'Main Clause & Subordinate Clause' In the noun clause “you said” is a subject plus a verb. The independent clause we drove away as quickly as we could completes the thought. Here I think that the term might be seen as a little to extensive as it applies during the whole tenancy, and the frequency of viewings may be unreasonably high: The tenant could restrict viewings to a more reasonable level. 17:00 PM, 28th November 2016 About 4 years ago. the right to ask Us to delete any personal data We hold about you (We only hold your personal data for a limited time, as explained in section 6 but if you would like Us to delete it sooner, please contact Us using the details in section 14); The right to restrict (i.e. There have been viewings arranged and undertaken for the last several weeks every day (Mon-Fri) and most of the time there are multiple viewings a day. How to use clause in a sentence. This is to ensure that you can obtain financing safely on the property and that the lender is satisfied with it. A what clause is a type of noun clause (or a free relative clause) that begins with the word what.In a declarative sentence—one of the most common applications for these clauses—a what clause, which functions as a noun, may serve as the subject (usually followed by a form of the verb be), subject complement, or object of a sentence. You have the right to withdraw your consent to us using your personal data at any time, and to request that we delete it. (b)he persistently withdraws or withholds services reasonably required for the occupation of the premises in question as a residence, and (in either case) he knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, that that conduct is likely to cause the residential occupier to give up the occupation of the whole or part of the premises or to refrain from exercising any right or pursuing any remedy in respect of the whole or part of the premises". Data will therefore be retained for the following periods (or its retention will be determined on the following bases): Member profile information is collected with your consent and can be amended or deleted at any time by you; Anti-Money Laundering information and tax consultancy records are to be kept as required by law for up to seven years. In [1], the Subject clause that his theory was flawed, has its own Subject,his theory.Similarly, in [2], the Subject of what I needis I.. Learn more. Grammatical functions are the roles that different constituents (strings of words acting as units) play in clauses. In the first instance I would speak with the landlord to establish what is going on and why. What happened when the volcano began erupting? As an aside, “please kindly” is redundant; “kindly” means “please”. If we do store data outside the EEA, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your data is treated as safely and securely as it would be within the UK and under the GDPR. Is there some information or dispute you haven't mentioned yet? This, in turn, enables Us to improve Our Site and the products. The noun clause is acting as the object of the sentence. The AST contains a clause stipulating the following: The tenant shall permit the property to be viewed by prospective tenants with reasonable notice (24 hours) at all reasonable times during the term of the tenancy for the purpose of reletting the property for the following year. It could be that the landlord is being forced or deciding to sell. As long as it is reasonable, and used reasonably, using a right of access does not breach quiet enjoyment. How far are you into your fixed term? These Cookies are shown below in section 13.5. Helps to understand how their visitors engage with our website. The Court has recently been asked in the case of Goldman Sachs International –v- Procession House Trustee 1 Limited and Procession House Trustee 2 limited [2018], to make a determination as to the conditions that a tenant needed to comply with, in order to validly exercise a break option.. Examples include allowing time to obtain zoning approval, feasibility studies, engineering reports, etc. In some instances an initial viewing is arranged for representative suites of the building and the common area. I assume this is a student let and I know that my letting agent will be showing people around now as this is the time of year for this. A clause is a group of related words containing a subject that tells readers what the sentence is about, and a verb that tells readers what the subject is doing. The phrase Subject to the terms of this Agreement (or, equally, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement) is often superfluous for its being overly broad. Business/company name and trading status; Contact information such as email addresses and telephone numbers; Financial information such as income and tax status; Property Portfolio details such as value and mortgage outstanding; All personal data is processed and stored securely, for no longer than is necessary in light of the reason(s) for which it was first collected. Hence, a part of a simple sentence can also be viewed as a clause. A typical small clause consists of a noun phrase and a predicative expression, e.g. Cookie Law deems these Cookies to be “strictly necessary”. Clauses are groups of words that contain both a subject and a predicate. My agreements state that access should be given during any notice period and final month of the fixed term, but it can't be seen to override your statutory rights as a tenant. You may access certain areas of Our Site without providing any data at all. 8:41 AM, 29th November 2016 About 4 years ago. Only that which has the grammatical function of a noun can be the subject of a clause. Details of the Cookies used by Our Site are set out in section 13, below; means the relevant parts of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003; means any and all data that relates to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified from that data. Apartment Building Sales. Examples are Subject and Object (also called Direct Object). Once the conditional offer is in place and the first deposit received arrangements are made as quickly as possible to make arrangements for a viewing of all suites, common area and mechanical room.

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