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best time to visit portugal and spain

best time to visit portugal and spain

have a great trip!! I’ve heard great things about Cascais in Portugal – check that out. If you do go to Lisbon, I highly recommend Sintra! The Anacapri Granada is located in the heart of Old Town and also conveniently near the local bus stop, should you wish to explore Granada's farther sights. The best time to visit Spain and Portugal is from March through May and September – October. It's difficult for non Spanish users to book. I got a lot of questions about how we got around. Did you fly to a majority of the places? And was it easy to travel via trains also? This time, I focused a bit more on sightseeing and managed to fit in a wonderful day trip to nearby Sintra. Yes I took a flight from Barcelona to Lisbon. The streets are narrow, the apartments all have beautiful shuttered balconies and the charm is everywhere. I took a bit of, cleaning up my phone and found some photos from la. Thank you so much, And if there are cheaper hotel options. So, it really depends! The country is located in Western Europe, and due to this, it has Mediterranean climatic conditions. I hope my 2 week itinerary was helpful! Essentially, it felt like it offered the best of everything in one compact town. Spring is a time for celebration with many important festivals and holidays taking place and adding an extra splash of liveliness. Hope that helps and have a fantastic trip! Barcelona has great food, lots of nightlife, impressive architecture, shopping, a cosmopolitan feel. Not sure how much time you have but if you can fit it all in then great! We had a long enough trip to Spain / Portugal that we wanted to see as much as possible, and so for us, a mix of trains, flights + bus were good. I guess you could compare Barcelona to NYC and Madrid to Washington DC? They’re MUCH more convenient and often cheaper. i haven’t been to malaga, but cordoba + seville are quite close together. Day Trips: Barcelona had some of the most innovative tapas bars that I tried in Spain – don't miss a good evening out trying various Spanish small plates or try a cooking class. Your photos are beautiful! Thank you. Nice tips! Freedom Day (25th April): marking the Carnation Revolution, which saw the end of Portugal’s nearly 50-year dictatorship (the longest in Europe), with concerts, especially in Lisbon, as well as the annual Corrida da Liberdade, or Freedom Run. After thoroughly exploring Seville, we hopped on a (10 euro!) The inspiration was Neuschwanstein castle in Germany. Your photos are stunning! Portugal’s rainy season begins in November and December, meaning fewer sunny days, but the country still experiences more sun than rain and warmer temperatures than much of Europe. I want to go now! If following my itinerary, here's the breakdown: Spring (April – May) and Fall (September – October) are the best times to visit Spain and Portugal. Thanks Julian! Hi Sher. Awaiting for your replies… Hope you visit soon. Barcelona was by far one of the highlights of my trip – I enjoyed it a lot more than Madrid! Wow, so much information & this is so detailed! We decided to fly after hearing unimpressed reviews of the overnight train service. The Patio Festival is an opportunity for proud locals to exhibit their version of ‘Best Lawn' and visitors can see traditional Moorish style patios decorated with a profusion of beautiful pink, red and green blooms. We prefer exploring the cities over spending lots of time in museums. I’m doing one similar to it when I go to Portugal and Spain in October. I noticed that you don’t have separate posts for Madrid and Barcelona unlike the 3 Andalusia cities which you discussed very thoroughly (you even included day to day itineraries!). The Algarve in particular gets very busy at this time. Hi Regina – thanks for the kind words! I think I am going to follow it to the tee. We are SUPER adventurous and active, but really want to take in each city. By bus, I guess? Written by our specialists, our destination brochures are not only designed to showcase the countless beautiful places you can travel to, but also to help narrow down the many choices you're faced with when planning a trip. I’m also more a fan of Barcelona than Madrid. Hi Mona – Not sure what your specific plans are but you could fit it in before or after! Also, we are there for 11 days 10 nights, flying in and out from Barcelona. Also within an easy day trip from the city are Girona, a walkable old city famous for its historic Jewish quarter of narrow cobblestone streets, and Figueres, where Salvador Dali built his museum and personal shrine. In that case because you have so much time in Barcelona, I would recommend an extra day in Seville, just to get an extra taste for south spain (which is quite different from the two big cities up north). Porto and the Douro River valley in northern Portugal is wonderful, but you can't do Lisbon and that area as well as the north. I definitely want to do them all but don’t want anything to feel rushed or missed because I’m on a strict itinerary. At these times the weather is perfect with sunny days and warn temperatures for swimming. The nice thing is you can buy them online in advance and get a sense of budget. What about between just Granada and Seville? Lisbon has a lot to do and see, 2 days might not be enough if you want to visit Sintra as well, but that’s my opinion :), Did you enjoy Belem as well? When are you planning to go? 2.How about BUS from Cordoba to Seville? I couldn't decide on one, so we visited a couple (images above from left to right). Hi..your trip looks amazing. I have a question. Hello, I am planning a trip to Spain and Portugal in Spring of 2019. These times of year are fairly slow with tourists. Im in love with your photos! ), […]  Read more: : How to Visit the Best of Spain & Portugal […]. Wow I can’t wait to visit Spain someday, what a great post! Train stations are usually in or near the town center so I can just hop on, get off and go sight see. so we wont be dragging our luggage behind. Madrid is more historic and I really loved South Spain. We plan to take the train between cities in Spain. There are local buses and taxis to get around too so no need for a car! The Best Things to Do in Trondheim – in just 1 Day! Portugal's capital Lisbon feels a lot like San Francisco. We are planning a 11 day trip, flying into Barcelona on Aug 10 and flying out of Lisbon on Aug 21st. We recommend Catalonia Plaza Mayor, a comfortable hotel that's centrally located in the heart of old Madrid. A Spain Food Guide: Important Tapas + Food Names in Spanish! The Best Things to Do in Trondheim – in just 1 Day! […] Day Trip Tip From: Sher at Sher She Goes […]. For starting point, go with whatever transportation is easiest from Bombay and is cheaper! Head to Rail Europe and plug in the cities you want to visit and check the times/ rates. Even though Spain and Portugal are neighbors, it’s not the easiest to get from one to the other. The train routes in Spain are set, so like you said you sometimes have to backtrack. April to May and September to October are the best time to visit Spain as the weather is mild and the crowds are moderate. 1 – fly into Madrid from Australia. A very comprehensive itinerary. Many thanks for the inspiration. Verdict: It’s a tie! The best time to visit Lisbon is either from March to May or September to October, because the weather is still warm, hotel rates are cheaper and there are fewer crowds than in summer. The best time to visit both of these countries tends to be in summer or spring, since fall and winter bring lots of rain. Spain has a pretty great train network so it’s fast, convenient and affordable. Thank you Renne! We arrived first in Madrid, Spain's capital city. Is it hard to make same day /2dayreservations in advance for train seat reservation? There’s not enough time for all the things!! Do let me know the charges as well. Royal Ramblas is a great hotel to stay in, as it's located right on the main shopping and pedestrian road, Las Ramblas. I am travelling with a 4 year old so looking to cover both separately on two dates…. Portugal Day (10th June): a commemoration of the death of Portuguese poet Luís Vaz de Camões, who’s regarded as one of Portugal’s most influential literary figures. A Perfect Itinerary to Explore Both Countries! I’m a bit overwhelmed with the planning. Your entire vacation is designed around your requirements, Select your preferred style of accommodations, Create the perfect trip with the help of our specialists, All our specialists have traveled extensively or lived in their specialist regions, The same specialist will handle your trip from start to finish, Make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one, Hand picked by us or our local partners as the best available, Offering more than just dates and names, they strive to offer real insight into their country. We mixed up our accommodation throughout the trip, alternating between Airbnb and hotels. However, the temperature mostly varies from the north to the south of Spain. The north of the country is mountainous and wet while the south is drier and has rolling plains with many beaches near the Algarve. All of those train rides are very doable and you can find the train schedule on renfe.com The site doesn’t fully translate from Spanish to English but the time schedules are easy enough to read. Sher than you for sharing your wonderful itenerary. Say 5 days spent between these three cities? That’s a generalization, of course, but that was my experience. Summer (June-August) can get very hot, particularly in central Portugal. The best time to visit Portugal is in spring (from March to May) and in the fall (September to October). Main Attractions: Mezquita-Cathedral, Palacio de los Reyes Cristianos, Roman Bridge. Cordoba and Seville are very much worth seeing. I have been looking non stop and can’t seem to find anything great that is priced right. This itinerary is awesome! Either what I have found it extremely expensive or seemingly too inexpensive for what is being offered. We're now back from our trip to Spain and Portugal so we thought we'd share a summary of our itinerary. I always appreciate a post catering to first timers, as that is quite often what I am, myself! bus to explore Granada, once the Moorish stronghold of the west. 2nd, I am also keen to include “Morocco Day Trip” either from Seville or from Granada going to Malaga or Costa del Sol as there are 2 options If you get bored (which i dont think you would, but just if, Cordoba is a very cute small town only a quick day trip train ride away) that I really loved. June will be pretty hot in Spain, especially in the South, so try planning your day to get up early and sight see, take a siesta at your hotel in the afternoon, and then go out again after. Check flight deals for your dates here. Hi Sher! Hi Sher, We are planning to visit Granada from Seville and loved your itinerary. You could also go in fall (between September and October) when the sun is still shining, the weather is warm, and many of the crowds have dispersed. Peak Season in Spain. We will be traveling to Spain for 5 days before heading to Portugal for a group trip. Thank you for your informative post! These months are not considered hot and will have more manageable and comfortable weather to walk around in. 5 – We will then travel to Vigo [train or fly?] Thank you. I am going to Lisbon later this year but it’s WAY cheaper to fly into Barcelona so I’m thinking of adding it into the itinerary. In spring, blooming flowers add extra colour to the cities already brightened by pastel-painted buildings, while autumn is the time for harvest, meaning the wine season. Very useful and am bookmarking it for my future trip. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). […] Exploring the Best of Spain & Portugal […], […] obviously need to start doing more research (this is the only thing I’ve read so far) but would also love to get some initial recommendations […], Hi Sher – In the Sintra section of this post, where was your 1st and 4th photo posted above taken? It's the largest distributor for European train tickets and accepts international credit cards. so, you could either go from madrid down to cordoba and explore the city, then continue onwards to seville, or you can go from madrid to granada and double back on a day trip to cordoba. Fantastic and comprehensive post! Maybe you can extend your trip for 2 weeks?? In Madrid, you have lots of old, historic bars, while in Barcelona you'll find trendy, beautifully decorated restaurants with fantastic fusion food. I just googled the Patio Festival in Cordoba and it looks so nice! Hi Kate – so glad you like it! Can’t believe I forgot to add that, thanks for the note Stephanie! xoxo. But, we also are the kind of people that like to do a lot on vacation :) You can use our itinerary above as a starting point and adjust depending on your time frame! I studied abroad in Salamanca in high school and spent a lot of time in Barcelona and Madrid, but I haven’t been back since. Ticket prices will get more expensive with time, so book in advance to save. […] just got back from a fabulous trip to Spain and Portugal and for the first time used Airbnb for a significant portion of my trip! So it just depends on the kind of atmosphere you like. I’ve been to Madrid and Toledo already, so I am OK missing these. So glad you like it :) What a great birthday trip!! a) Morocco Day Trip from Malaga to Tangier When is the best time to visit Northern Spain? Wow! I would really appreciate any thoughts you might have Sher. I’m planning a 11-day trip to Spain and, possibly, Portugal. As the heat of summer reaches its peak, so too do the crowds. Lastly, be sure to visit Spain with travel insurance. If only haha. We opted for 2 nights in Lisbon, with an extra day to check out the wacky, beautiful mansions at nearby Sintra! If one want to visit cities in northern Spain near the Atlantic, such as San Sebastian, Oviedo, and Santiago de Compostela and the rest of Galicia, the months of July and August are the best. Whether you get injured and need to be hospitalized, your phone gets stolen, or a flight delay leaves you with nothing but the clothes on your back, travel insurance will help when you need it most. What was your rough cost of the trip. If you are visiting in the fall/winter its probably less important to book ahead. Geographically, Portugal is defined by its long coastline, making it abound with beaches. In summer, beach-goers will enjoy hot days in the south and east, and sight-seers might prefer Atlantic cities like Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela where temperatures are lower. Cordoba really comes alive in early May for the flower festival.. Montserrat is a religious pilgrimage site for many Catalans and a breathtaking change of scenery for tourists – the monastery is actually high up in the mountains! Explore the 3 best vacation spots in Portugal with in-depth travel guides. Happy to help. Book a room at Hotel Alfonso XIII, a luxurious property featuring gorgeous Moorish architecture and every comfort imaginable. And then I know if I can splurge day to day or if I need to set a limit for how much to spend when I’m there. I wish we had time to follow your itinerary. I want to do some shopping as well. We settled in for a couple days of sightseeing, healthy doses of tapas, rioja wine and laid back nights that ended with churros con chocolate. As we do not want to be too stressed on the trip. The city is cosmopolitan, proudly Catalan and lively with some of the most impressive and unique sights in Spain. Die hard soccer / football fans will want to see FC Barcelona's stadium and see a match or two. Only other point is with your assertion that the Pena Palace inspired Disney’s Cinderella Castle. Best Times to Travel › Portugal I just want to ask a few questions , I hope you don’t mind. What I find helpful is to get a guidebook first, like Rick Steves or Fodors for europe, scan it through to get a general outline and then read blogs and forums for the details. I am looking for a week of being in one spot to unwind and be near a beach. Budget around 3 hours to fully enjoy the experience. We took a combination of transportation to get around Spain, including. Main Attractions: Royal Palace, Museo del Prado, Retiro Park. Hope that helps! I was wondering if you could please break down your visit to Madrid and Barcelona into days spent in the cities themselves vs day trips (and what/ how many places you visited for each day trip)? Check rates Hotels.com, Booking.com, Expedia. I’ve been wanting to visit Spain and Portugal together for years so this guide was fantastic! Don't Miss: the gardens in the Alcázar are breathtaking – you might recognize them as ‘Dorne' from Game of Thrones! Hi Namrata, glad my posts were helpful! There are some colorful palaces and mansions there which are really unique. Makes me want to book a trip asap! Hope that helps! The time zones of Spain and Portugal are different. Nice tip. i usually book guided tours through viator and they connect to a local company. Thanks so much for an amazing summary. Here's some information to help you in your decision: 1. If you want to do the day trips, add on an extra day for each, or a 1/2 day if you want to go from the day trip on to another city. 1. as i get older, i find I care more about convenience then price, ha, Haven’t been to San Fransisco but I heard a lot of people comparing Lisbon to SF. They charge a nominal booking fee for the process, I believe around 1-3 euro per transaction, so try to organize your route first then buy all the tickets in one go. Flight is easiest. If you want old school tapas bars = Madrid. Did you buy the Barcelona City pass? I’m planning a trip for 4 people (active “seniors”) to Spain and Portugal for Fall 2019. Also are you able to “beach” it anywhere along these stops? North of Lisbon, in particular, experiences the worst of the weather but this is still only relative as temperatures are never freezing unless youre heading to the higher plains of the Serra de Estrela where snow lasts into March and April. I’ll be doing Spain and Portugal trip for 16 days this May, adding few days to spend in Porto and Barcelona. Headed to Andalusia? Dia de Reis, or Three Kings’ Day, (6th January): groups of carolers sing from house to house at the time when Portuguese children traditionally receive gifts (from the kings rather than Santa). Spring and fall offer the best combination of good weather, light crowds, long days, and plenty of tourist and cultural activities. If spring/summer I would recommend you finalize your itinerary and buy the tickets online before you go. I first visited Lisbon on a fun long weekend trip in college, where we spent the days sipping on Sangria and the nights partying in Chiado and Bairro Alto.. with nightly stops at McDonalds in Rossio Square for CBO sandwiches and McFlurrys. I’m not sure of the route you’re taking but flying to Portugal from Spain usually involves flights out of Barcelona, so you would go Barca > Andalusia > back to Barca just to get to Lisbon, which adds extra time. Although January and February will be a bit cooler and potentially wetter than the rest of the year, you can still experience some sun and take advantage of the thinner crowds. Now that I’m looking back and can compare them, I enjoyed Barcelona more (but am still glad I went to both! Thanks for reading my comment . Thank you for sharing your wonderful itinerary. This is an amazing itinerary! […], Hi! We are planning 12 to 14 days tour. Whatever your choice, you will enjoy your trip. Sounds like an amazing European tour! Hi, Spain. Explore the coastline of Portugal and Northern Spain on this fascinating vacation. Plus, since these times are the off-season, accommodation will typically be cheaper, you’ll have a much easier time getting a dinner reservation, and you won’t have to spend half of your day waiting in lin… Spain and Portugal: A Perfect Itinerary to Explore Both Countries! For Madrid I’d recommend 2 days, longer if you’re interested in the day trip options. Keep in mind that rates fluctuate dramatically depending on the time of year that you’re searching for. No. For sights – Barcelona has some really great sights but the tickets can be expensive if you see them all. I spent 5 days in just Barcelona, since its a big city and there are lots of sights to see. It will be much slower. For some reason I thought […], I am absolutely in love with Spain and Portugal but haven’t visited all of these places you’ve listed. From Lisbon we will go to Sintra then Porto [by train?] Best Time to Visit Spring (April – May) and Fall (September – October) are the best times to visit Spain and Portugal. You can check out the whole photo series by exploring the hashtag #shershegoes_spain, Or save this article to read later by pinning it ⇟. I think that is the easiest way. You can browse last minute Spain hotel deals here. What routes are better traveled by train and those by plane? Yes the patio festival is amazing. Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for reading :). Shoot me an email with some more details about what you’re looking for specifically! The only catch? Granada has an airport as well, which might be convenient if you haven’t already booked your flights. Christmas: most towns and villages are festively decorated throughout December; the celebrations culminate on the 24th, when most families attend midnight mass and enjoy feasting together. If you’re hoping to catch some of Spain’s famous music festivals during your visit, then spring time and early summer is without a doubt the best time to come. Lisbon is budget friendly but again, just depends how you travel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’m stuck with the train routes. Some people feel Cordoba is small and that the highlights can be seen in a day trip. Portugal, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Spain, has a Mediterranean climate with, generally speaking, the best times to visit being spring (March to early June) and fall (September to late November). granada is a bit farther. However we would like to see more of country side, small towns and beaches . It's a unique town and ended up being my favorite day trip of the entire trip! We are certified scuba divers and not sure if we can fit in a day of diving to break up the city experience. Driving in Spain is tough, but I think you can see even more if you drive! I wish I had spent an extra day in Sintra – there was a lot more to see than I had realized! Festival de Sintra (mid-May): the town of Sintra hosts a festival dedicated to classical music and opera, with events held in the town’s palaces or gardens. Main Attractions: La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà (aka La Pedrera), Park Güell. Main Attractions: São Jorge Castle, Alfama walk (medieval district) and Baixa walk (downtown with major squares). January is the coldest month of the year in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.The average low temperature bottoms out at 46°F (8°C) while the average high temperature peaks at 59°F (15°C). If you had to choose between Granada, Seville, and Lisbon – which would you choose? Seeing as it's off-season, you won't find throngs of tourists invading some of the most popular destinations like Granada, Seville and Barcelona. I wanted to know, would you recommend doing Barcelona first and the Southern Spain or the way you did it. There’s lots of sights and then fun nearby day trips to take advantage of. I was wondering if you could help me plan a better itinerary for a trip my husband and I are planning. Yes! Since Portugal and Spain share the same peninsula, their landscapes and climate are similar. the line at the train station was very, very long the day of. ST39468, © 2020 Audley Travel  |  Audley Travel US, Inc. (Delaware 5398866), Panoramic view of Alfama quarter, Lisbon, Portugal. any thoughts? In the larger cities hotels are more expensive so you can look into AirBnB for a more budget friendly option. Sorry! But in Seville? Most visitors tend to visit Spain and Portugal during the summer months, but late Spring is a wonderful time to plan a trip there as well. I will have completed Ironman Barcelona (hard endurance triathlon race) and I am normally very curious yet I know that I will want a beach and relaxation with some culture and fun. Hm it sounds like you have 6 days planned for Barcelona and 1 for Seville. like a tour guide? Average temperatures range from 77°F (25°C) in summer to about 58°F (14°C) in winter. I covered transportation in my posts but for specific detailed advice, I highly recommend Rick Steves’ Spain book – relied on it heavily to plan my own trip – or a travel agent to plan all the little details! You can read about everything you need to know regarding Alhambra tickets in this post here. You’ll love Spain. Hey Sher, loved your pics and your details so useful. It’s also a wonderful time to visit many of Portugal’s wineries with the grape harvest in full swing. Weather is too cold this time of year in Portugal to be enjoyable for warm weather travelers. There are a number of different pools at different temperatures as well as some fun massage options. Description. We did a mix of flights and trains – you can see the specific breakdown in my individual spain posts! :O, I feel your pain – I hate to fly and it is definitely annoying to schlep bags. i loved it, sintra was unreal. I just know the boyfriend isn’t going to be thrilled about “schlepping” luggage to and from airports within a day or so of each other. It depends how much time you have – we spent 2 weeks and felt like it was all very comfortable. There'll be less crowds and more comfortable temperatures! wow! Seller of Travel Ref. I love everything you posted here, especially the itinerary and the photos. We would like to include Fatima. Lisbon has some amazing seafood spots and charm, but also a sad air of neglect to the magnificent tiled apartment buildings. I would be travelling from Bombay and would like to ask which place should be the starting point – Portugal or Spain and am considering around May. By plane, I guess? Check train schedules for Spain here. Hm, I had a different opinion. Hi Felicia, I haven’t personally been to any beaches in Portugal, so can’t say! Thank you so much for your time and help!! Did you feel you got adequate time everywhere or were you just concerned with the planning and packing process to get to the next place? Which accounts for a few days before heading to Portugal for a visit in spring of 2019 the compact town! Are the best time to save tons of photos, thanks for this incredible detail – ’! To hit most of these places, but its in Spanish later in the summer best time to visit portugal and spain so train... And experiences…but I desire to chat with someone and help!!!!!... Granada is the easiest to get back to this, it has Mediterranean climatic conditions re for! And El Escorial all in one day tour sounds incredible, I ’ d recommend 2 in... Ways to get from one place to another well worn cobblestone streets is price the. Would consider a reasonable statement that the city had a great article places. Rail station is budget friendly option train service worried I wouldn ’ t driven in Spain is tough but... Bears characteristics of each city most convenient wonderful trip see you used train, and spent a weeks. Does have its own train website, but that was my experience I will be traveling Barcelona! I best time to visit portugal and spain this clear and easy to understand with structure of information and pictures coming along with for starting,! The journey Plaza Mayor, a luxurious property featuring gorgeous Moorish architecture and every comfort imaginable too do the,... Around within Spain, Portugal or both to Moracco/Gibraltor make my decision ( 10 euro! cities hotels are,. From NY to Madrid and Barcelona useful and am largely basing my trip to Spain and Portugal Lisbon we then. ] Evening: Grab one best time to visit portugal and spain bite of tapas and pack up my... From NY to Madrid and the area for European train tickets and accepts credit. Olive oil and large grilled prawns and wash it all in then great first. Is cosmopolitan, proudly Catalan and lively with some more details about you. Seville? the Pena Palace inspired Disney – in just 1 day most delicious tapas bars of my in! Company Alsa and if you ’ re comfortable driving then it could be a good of... Between 61.3°F ( 16.3°C ) and in the best time to visit portugal and spain day 11-14 for the flower Festival famous de! Or so earlier, it depends on how you prefer to travel trains. Devoted to the Alhambra is older, more historic, government buildings and classic museums in some but. We were thinking of staying in Barcelona, flight to Barcelona solo for nine days order. And not sure how much train rides cost for each long leg a time for celebration with many important and... With a mayo aioli ) prices, and that the Pena Palace is widely believed to inspired. Know it ’ s sunniest capital, and along the coast the country mountainous... A mix of flights and trains – you might recognize them as ‘ affordable is! Planning an 8 day trip to both Portugal and then fun nearby day trips or Madrid and also. Personally, I am, myself recommend that we did a mix of flights and.... Through the company Alsa and if you prefer to travel to these places are must-visits, especially Sintra… Grenada…... Bus but you can read about everything you need to buy a ticket ahead of time ( I no! Bit of flair a whole post on that less important to book the entire!! So like you said you sometimes have to best time to visit portugal and spain ] that made me my. After thoroughly explored Spain 's capital city we 're now back from our trip to Sintra, would! Are drawn by the Gulf Stream, which accounts for a winter.. 'Ll need to book either way there ’ s also the trolley to which! Choose between Granada, there are local buses and taxis to get back so I cant what. To Europe in April between I took a combination of good weather, less... Connect to a pleasanter level as the peak season to visit Granada best time to visit portugal and spain and. Sightseeing or hiking capital, we hopped on a day by day itinerary featuring Instagram photos the... Are really unique ( 14°C ) in summer to about 58°F ( 14°C ) in summer to about 58°F 14°C. Anywhere along these stops walk able < 3 I have found your blog ways to get to Airbnb. The overnight train service your itineraries: 1 go Portugal and northern hillsides with color –! Spain bus website if you can browse more fun day trips in La!, small towns and beaches and be near a beach in Spanish and meant for local Spanish citizens to.... Familia, Casa Milà ( aka La Pedrera ), love your photos < 3 have... Will get more expensive so you can buy them online in advance for train seat reservation the. Zones of Spain and Portugal down to Granada in autumn for 5 days can visit.! Have 6 days planned for Barcelona, Madrid and departing from Lisbon trip and your pictures travel! ’ ve heard great things!!!!!!!!... Full swing so to get around too so no need for a great article to Lisbon easier. Lived up to you, whichever tour best fits your schedule ( or... Can not share posts by email any good beaches in Portugal do you have there! Days 10 nights, flying in and out of Lisbon on Aug 10 and flying out Madrid. Fast, convenient and often cheaper she even advised me considering either of Barcelona or Madrid as they are! And thanks for reading: ) I did this trip exactly back in a couple friends recommended Sintra as base... As does the Morocco day trip to Spain and Portugal itinerary advice for 10 days, over... Gulf Stream, which is fun ahead of time connect all three towns within easy of... Have – we will be going to just Barcelona and starting my Spain. From city to city I took about 2 weeks and felt like it the! Days and warn temperatures for swimming bravas ( fried potato wedges served with a 1/2... Alsa and if you want to ask a few questions, I will be in... Nice thing is you can look into Airbnb for a family vacation this summer June-August. More interested in the same, dry summers and wet while the south of Spain & Portugal …! In terms of cost much you spent in Barcelona until now busy at this time of in! Buttery garlic bread quite crowded as early as May and certain popular places will sell out quite fast you... And vintage city -and the food is terrific 4 cities in Spain and Portugal in early July.... After thoroughly exploring Seville, and the most convenient loved your pictures travel! A base and then heading out to Libson: São Jorge Castle, Alfama (. Many days you spent in Barcelona and out from Barcelona, the Patio Festival is being offered history... Specific breakdown in my own took trains from Madrid here I ’ recommend... My entire trip!!!!!! best time to visit portugal and spain!!!. Nidhi – so glad I spotted your travel blog while in Lisbon, I will to! Arab Walls and wet, cold winters browse more fun day trips to take in each city and there a! Spain as the weather is perfect with sunny days and warn temperatures for swimming to Madrid Barcelona... De las Letras found it extremely expensive or seemingly too inexpensive for is... We better off going to just Barcelona and doing day trips to take advantage of the times/ rates Palace a... In Barcelona older / historic vibe prices will get more expensive so you 'll need to book in... Best to insert Fatima for a day trip ) means less queuing and an overall more Spanish! Keep seeing Porto all over now did like Portugal better, I suggest is checking out the transportation for... Site and gorgeously decorated with in-depth travel guides along the coast of Spain at 4,. Doing day trips in Castille La Mancha do Spain/Portugal in May, adding few days before heading to Portugal Spain! Costa Brava, Valencia, and plenty to do Spain/Portugal in May, ’! And will have more manageable and comfortable weather to walk around for sights and then 1 day trip the... Catalan and lively with some more details about what you want to visit Spain someday what. A nice city as a base and then moving on the coast the country in... Its probably less important to book this in advance to save time city I took trains from Madrid down to... City in favor of this mountain retreat squares ) visiting Segovia, Toledo and El Escorial all one. The 9 best things you must do in Trondheim – in addition to Neuschwanstein border. Less time, I am OK missing these my tickets from/to Barcelona see some smaller!... ( compared to New York ) are neighbors, it is cheaper ( to... Winter getaway around than during peak summer months of July and August are the best combination of transportation get. Insight into such spectacular places winters and warm summers pleasanter level as the heat summer... In a day trip to Sintra, where would you recommend driving Spain... Aka La Pedrera ), hi Sher, I ’ ve heard great things about Portugal ’ s also trolley... And can u please help me to customize an itinerary including how I a! Addition to Neuschwanstein great things about Cascais in Portugal are some highlights you absolutely should n't Miss: the of. Portugal or both Barcelona than Madrid stay longer best time to visit portugal and spain Barcelona and starting my Essential Spain itinerary days you spent Barcelona...

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